Submission of application for Tormsdale Wind Farm

October 18, 2021

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Tormsdale Wind Farm is located immediately west of the existing Causeymire Wind Farm, on land approximately 8.5 km south of Halkirk in Caithness. The development will comprise 12 wind turbines, with a maximum tip height of 149.9 m, and associated infrastructure including a battery energy storage system. The proposed capacity of the overall development is expected to be approximately 80 MW, including approximately 25 MW from the battery energy storage system. It is estimated that the energy output of Tormsdale Wind Farm will be at least 50% of the combined output of the existing Causeymire, Achlachan, Bad a Cheo and Halsary windfarms, from adding just 12 turbines to the existing cluster of 52.

The development has been subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment, which has been produced to accompany the application for consent and has been submitted to the Scottish Ministers. All aspects of the development have been designed to minimise environmental impacts; the multi-discipline design approach has produced a layout which balances the optimisation of energy output and minimises impacts on the environment. The wind farm has been designed to allow the scheme to sit coherently alongside the existing wind farm developments.

The application to construct and operate the Tormsdale Wind Farm has been submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit (ECU) in October 2021.

The application and EIA materials are available to view and download on this website, and on the Scottish Government Energy Consents website. The materials discuss the proposals in great detail, and provide an analysis and conclusions of the environmental assessments undertaken.

Details of the public consultation process including making a representation to the Scottish Ministers are provided in the published public notice. Members of the public can make representations to the ECU by 29th November 2021.

Download EIA Documents

PAC Report

Planning, Design and Access Statement

• Volume 1
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Site Selection and Design
Chapter 3: The Development
Chapter 4: EIA Methodology
Chapter 5: Energy and Planning Policy
Chapter 6: LVIA
Chapter 7: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
Chapter 8: Ecology
Chapter 9: Ornithology
Chapter 10: Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Chapter 11: Geology, Soils and Peat
Chapter 12: Access, Transport and Traffic
Chapter 13: Noise
Chapter 14: Aviation, Radar and Telecommunications
Chapter 15: Socioeconomics, Land Use, Recreation and Tourism
Chapter 16: Climate Change and Carbon Balance
Chapter 17: Residential Shadow Flicker
Chapter 18: Summary of Mitigation

Volume 2a EIAR Figures (Excl. LVIA)

Volume 2b LVIA Figures

Volume 2c Highland Council Visualisations

Volume 2d NatureScot Visualisations

Volume 3 Technical Appendices

Volume 4 Non-Technical Summary